American Camp Association Seeks Candidates for National Board of Directors


The Board is responsible for setting the direction of the association.

The National Board believes that all board members, present and future, must:

  • understand and value the vital role camps play in the development of healthy children and young adults;
  • advocate articulately for ACA and its vision;
  • advance the mission, vision, values and ends of ACA by extending personal and professional credibility, expertise, and leadership to the organization; and think broadly and strategically about the role of camps and of ACA.

ACA is committed to recruiting board members from diverse communities, to having board members from throughout the United States and from a broad spectrum of professions. The Board is particularly interested in maintaining a diverse perspective and in involving as board member’s persons who have influence within their professional circles.

Board terms are three years. In-person meetings are held prior to the national conference and two additional times during the year, with conference calls four to six times during the year. Most Board members also serve on a national committee or task force.

The focus of board nominations will continue to be on those individuals who demonstrate a commitment to youth development and who represent diverse and broad backgrounds and skills. This year we are especially interested in finding Board Members with experience in the areas of government, law and legislation. In addition, ACA continues to seek referrals of those in related fields who have a commitment to the camp experience and interest in serving on the national board.

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