With Alpujarra Summer Camp children live, enjoy, share, learn, investigate,experiment.
They will analyze some manifestations of human intervention in the environment, assess critically the need for and scope of the same, and to adopt a behavior in the daily life in accordance with the posture of defense and recovery of ecological balance and of conservation of the natural heritage.During session we wiil discover the existence of other forms of game not competitive, based on the group work and cooperation and create an environment for the enjoyment and use of free time of children and young people through leisure activity.

Accommodation:  10 persons per room;

Type:  Environmental Education; Multiadventure;

Country:  Spain;

Language:  Spanish;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Meal:  4 meals;

Price:  from 200 $;

Age:  from 6 -14 ;

Company name:  Alpujarra Summer Camp