Canadian Island

Italy, Fattoria la Capitana, Le Valli


At summer camps Canadian Island there is atmosphere of full support, we have created the conditions and provided a conducive environment to give your child the opportunity to try new activities and gain valuable experience. We has seen that in terms of unfamiliar places, young tourists can easily adapt and cope with arising difficulties, if they surround with care and attention. The format of a small group and optional workshops allows us to provide each child individual support. It also enables teachers to focus on choosing interesting material and fascinating presentation during class, and counselor — to make the child feel in the camp as comfortable as possible. Children are happy to learn a foreign language, find new friends, and all this amongst the beautiful nature of Tuscany! Our summer camp (with the possibility of day and room location) are divided into groups according to the age of the pupils. Children get a unique opportunity to communicate with Italian students, as well as with peers from around the world, which contributes to the development of the language and familiarity with different cultures. Our professional staff accompany young tourists with everything from sports competitions to cultural events, helping them to expand their horizons and to feel comfortable in the team. At camp, children develop confidence and ability to achieve their goals. During the time spent in Tuscany, they make many new friends — both with local peers, and with students from around the world. What could be more fun?

Meal:  3 meals;

Type:  Academic; Arts and crafts; Language;

Language:  English; Italian;

Country:  Italy;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Accommodation:  2-4 persons per room;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 1100 euro;

Company name:  Canadian Island

Interview with the director

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