Colm Spracklen, camp director: "We believe that when the campers leave camp they will have grown as individuals and developed both physically and mentally."


I am a qualified teacher with PGCE accreditation and eight summers of experience working with children at summer camps in the USA, Scotland and Spain. At these camps I have worked as a Unit Leader, Counsellor-in-training Director, Sports Director, English Teacher and Leadership team. Together with Kaysha Howett, who has over 4 years’ experience of teaching English in Ethiopia, Honduras, Sri Lanka and Spain, as well as 4 years experience working at international summer camps, we have developed many tools to support children and young people through their development.

How come that you have decided to start your own camp?

After many years working at summer camps around the world we decided to open up our own camp to help children learn and practice English in a fun environment. This year will be the first year of camp.

Camp Yojoa is a summer camp that has been developed over the past two years through a lot of hardwork and dedication. We are very excited! We would like any child around the world that is interested in learning and improving their English. We have a variety of electives that will meet the needs of every child.

What is so special about Ireland?

Ireland is a dream destination for anyone to come to visit due to its natural beauty and it was voted as Europe’s Leading Destination in the 2017 World Travel Awards. With its incredible beaches, coastlines and castles its a beautiful place for anyone to visit. Camp Yojoa specifically is located in a peaceful area surrounded by beautiful countryside with amazing views, only one hour from Dublin, where we will visit on a cultural trip.

What is traditional camp in Ireland? American style or?

Camp Yojoa is a unique camp that is bringing an American style theme to Ireland. Its not your typical English summer camp based solely on lessons, we are more about the learning and development of every individual that comes. We want to help you build your confidence, push yourselves out of your comfort zone and gain life-long friendships.

Why choose Yojoa camp?

After years of experience working around the world we have taken the best aspects of each of these camps and we are putting them in one place. The camp is run by the Director who has a Degree in Education and a PGCE teaching qualification, therefore parents can rest assured knowing their child will be provided with excellent English lessons. Campers will also have the opportunity to have a cultural day out in Dublin, make lifelong friends at camp and grow in confidence.

What about food in the camp? Will it be a traditional Irish dishes or?

Camp Yojoa will have a mix of traditional Irish dishes and European cuisine. We aim to meet the needs of each camper and their dietary requirements, whilst at the same time giving them a little taste of Ireland.

Have you joined camps when you was a kid?

As a child I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend summer schemes each year where I lived. I loved having the opportunity to run wild and play large group activities with my new found friends in the beautiful Irish countryside. I met so many people from all around Ireland that I would never have had the opportunity to do other wise. It really built my confidence as I learnt new skills, new activities and learnt how strong I was as a person. I believe camp is a truly unique place that creates great experiences for anyone that attends.

If not working with kids in the camp, what would you do in your life?

Well I have always had a huge passion for working with children to help teach and guide them, so outside of camp I am a qualified primary school teacher. I take great pride in helping students to progress and learn each day and there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a child improve due to the help that you have provided.Children can really light up your day and it makes it so worthwhile.

How do you select the team?

For each of our electives we hire staff with experience leading each activity. For each member of staff we require them to first send their c.v and cover letter. After we have checked through their c.v and feel they are suitable they are then invited to an assessment to meet them in person and see their skills and qualities. They will then have a 1:1 interview. If they pass the interview they will then be asked to complete a background check.

What is the camp for you?

Camp for us is a unique and life changing experience which supports the learning and personal development of our campers. Its a place that really helps children to express themselves and be accepted for who they are.

We believe that when the campers leave camp they will have grown as individuals and developed both physically and mentally. 

I truly believe there is nothing else like it.

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