Eagle Road

Spain, Segovia


Eagle Road is located at only 50 km from Madrid, 30 minute drive. The landscapes are incredible. The camp takes place in a 25,000 square meters area in the country side, facing the hills of Madrid. Bedrooms are from 4 to 6 children, with private bathroom and shower. In addition, we have our own zip lines and two pools. The food is homemade and prepared at the camp.

Accommodation:  6 persones per room; 4 persones per room;

Language:  English; Spanish;

Type:  Language; Multiadventure;

Country:  Spain;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Meal:  4 meals;

Price:  from 500 pounds; from 600 euro; from 800 $;

Age:  from 6 -18 ;

Company name:  Eagle Road