For the past two decades, ENFOREX has offered residential, day camp and home stay programs for adolescents during the summer. By bringing together students from all over the world, with 60% Spanish campers, these programs allow international youth to make Spanish friends their age, acquire a profound understanding of the Spanish way of life, and increase their awareness of a variety of world cultures. ENFOREX is proud to offer this enriching opportunity for students. Our campers come from more than 32 countries, which creates a uniquely diverse environment for developing linguistic and interpersonal skills.

Meal:  3 meals; Family-provided;

Type:  Academic; City; Language; Sea; Sport; Teenager;

Accommodation:  Day camp; Homestay with a host family; 2-4 persons per room;

Language:  English; Spanish;

Country:  Spain;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp, family-provided; Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 1250 euro/2 weeks for Residential Camp; from 2250 euro/4 weeks for Residential Camp; from 3375 euro/6 weeks for Residential Camp; from 4475 euro/8 weeks for Residential Camp; from 730 euro/2 weeks for Day Camp;

Age:  from 5 -17 ;

Company name:  Enforex Summer Camps

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