Evolve Camps

Canada, Toronto


Evolve’s Camp Tour program travels to overnight and day camps across Ontario and the rest of Canada each summer to deliver epic skateboarding and scootering programs. Trust us when we say we never get tired of the surprise and delight experienced by kids who can’t believe they get to go boarding at camp. From a one-day visit to a one-week program, Evolve will work customize the experience to you. Our programs are designed to fit into your camp’s mix of activities and give your camp a competitive advantage.

Our camp tour travels with a mobile skate park; it can be set up on any flat surface. In past years, we have used tennis or basketball courts as well flat concrete areas. All of our ramps are set up to flow exactly like a traditional skateboard park.

Our program can be part of our travelling tour (one day to one week) or we can execute our program as a permanent feature at your camp – and a brand new favourite amongst campers!

First, participation in the Camp Tour offers your camp a competitive advantage over other camps who stick to the traditional ‘inside the box’ sports activities.

Second, our unique action sports activities are guaranteed to interest even the most non-sports-minded kids. Evolve’s goal with all of your campers is to help them build confidence and provide them with a great workout.

Third, there is no fixed investment required! We bring the program and equipment with us and when we’re gone, the only things left are the great memories.

Meal:  1 meal during Day camp; 3 meals;

Accommodation:  2-3 persons per room; Day camp;

Type:  Bike; Sport; Teenager;

Country:  Canada;

Language:  English; French;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp, family-provided; Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 1900 $/1 week for Day Camp Balance Program; from 2100 $/1 week for Day Camp Skateboard & Scooter Program; from 3500 $/1 week for Overnight Camp Balance Program; from 3500 $/1 week for Summer Overnight Camp Skateboard & Scooter Program;

Age:  from 6 -14 ;

Company name:  Evolve Camps

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