Welcome to the original tech camp, built around YOU. Code a mobile app. Design your own video game. Produce a viral video. Discover the secrets of cryptography. Our flagship program features over 30 innovative courses, blending world-class instruction with fun camp activities. In each weeklong session, you’ll explore an inspiring campus, make new friends, and build skills that last long after summer.

The heart of our programs

We know the right instructor changes everything. Our staff empowers students with the most in-demand tech skills, while bringing our renowned camp culture to life.

Top university recruits and industry pros

Our selective hiring practices, honed for over 20 years, yield the most highly qualified, passionate instructors from tech companies, and universities like MIT, Stanford, Caltech, and NYU.

150 locations in USA!

Meal:  1 meal during Day camp; 3 meals during Overnight camp;

Type:  Academic; Robotics; Teenager;

Accommodation:  Day camp; Overnight camp, 2-4 persons per room;

Language:  English;

Country:  Hong Kong; Singapore; South Korea; Taiwan; United Kingdom; USA;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp and Overnight camp; Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 849 usd/week for Day camp; from 1428 usd/week for Overnight camp;

Age:  from 7 -17 ;

Company name:  iD Tech