This June and July, we'd like to welcome you to experience all that we have on offer at our annual Summer Camp in Switzerland, exclusively for girls aged 10-16. Girls who take part in our activities camp have the option of spending between three and six weeks at our beautiful boarding school, nestled in the hillside above Lac Leman, just a short drive from Geneva international airport in the heart of Europe. Once here, you can choose from a wide array of activities that truly take advantage of our unique location above Montreux, a small town with a big heart - made bigger during your visit which will coincide with the world-renowned jazz festival. So, if you've always fancied learning to sail or think you could be supreme at SUP, why not give them a go on the dazzling waters of the lake? Likewise, you could try your hand at rafting, banana boating or wake-boarding. If dry land is more your thing, then there's plenty on offer - be that hiking in the stunning mountains, horse-back riding, rollerblading around the shores of the lake, or gaining a new vantage on things from a treetop assault course. Back in the classroom, there's even more on offer. From cooking lessons, which are bound to impress your parents, to language classes which will impress your future employers, the school day is busy and varied. Girls love our make-up classes and always have a good word to say about the etiquette lessons, where - amongst other things - they learn how different nationalities greet each other, what they eat and what behaviour is appropriate in certain cultures and countries.

Meal:  3 meals;

Accommodation:  3-4 persons per room;

Type:  Academic; Arts and crafts; Excursions; Language; Multiadventure;

Language:  English; French;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Country:  Switzerland;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 5200 CHF/2 weeks;

Company name:  International Summer Camp for girls