Guillaume Moulin, Holiday camp director: “Our mission is to provide FUN and some language learning in FUN as well! It is a holiday camp before all!”


MBA graduated, vice director of Ardevaz Group of school.

Our school exists since 1979, and during the last 10 years we have started various camps for Swiss and international children. Our goal is to offer the possibility of foreign children to discover the beauty of Switzerland while learning languages!

It takes place in Ovronnaz, a small family resort in the alpine canton of Valais in Switzerland.

- What languages do you speak in the camp? And main program Tips?

The working language is English, but all staff speak French, German and usually other language such as Chinese, Russian, etc.

We offer language program (to choose from French or English or both). We also teach them about the Swiss flora and wild life, the Swiss history and culture. The campers will also have the opportunity to bake a few Swiss delicacies!!

We are a very small camp = safety and total control!

We are a family business.

We only offer 1 camp during 2 weeks a year (summer), so we do not do this for money, but for fun (but with seriousness).

Our core business is high-school and we exist since 1979, we have received awards from both Swiss and French governments that no other camps have received.

- What is your target auditory?

Teenagers from 14 to 17 interested by traveling and making new friends. During our camps we do different activities for children more into sports or for children more into culture and art.

- Please give us 10 Good Reasons to choose Holiday Camp Switzerland?

1. Languages Classes

Our dynamic teaching team aims to make learning enjoyable- Although lessons are intensive, they are delivered in a relaxed atmosphere, ensuring excellent results in a short period of time. All students get a diploma at the end of the camp!

2. Wonderful Location

Our camp is in the Swiss Alps in a very pretty alpine resort. Surrounded by the Alps which will give you the chance to view the highest mountains of Europe!

3. Cultural Trips – Cities and Villages

What make Holiday Camp Switzerland so different from other camps are our weekly exciting cultural trips! Every camper will have the chance to visit the capital city of Switzerland, Berne and the landscapes of the Gruyeres region. You will also visit the city of Montreux and its famous castle and the medieval town of Sion.

4. Cultural Trip - Swiss Products

You will learn a lot about Switzerland and its culture. Each camper will have the chance to visit a famous Swiss chocolate factory (and eat as much chocolate as you wish at the end of the visit!), a cheese factory (with degustation of some of the best cheese) and many museums!

5. Swiss Mountain Hut Overnight

In order to share with you a true Swiss alpine experience, you will hike with our professional team to a Swiss traditional hut at an altitude of 2500 meters to spend one night there, sharing a traditional Swiss meal!

6. Fun Activities – Sport, Art or Peace

Intensive morning classes call for relaxation and recreation in the afternoon.

Whether you’re interested in sports and other physical activities or prefer some artistic or games activities, or prefer to take it easy, there are plenty of possibilities.

7. Hot Springs in Alpine Panorama

The region of Valais is very famous for its natural hot springs bath. As our special guest, we want to share this special and very relaxing experience with you. Every week, we will visit some natural hot springs where you will have the opportunity to swim in various alpine pool!

8. Great Food

A delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet is prepared everyday by our team of professional chefs. Many barbecues and special theme parties are organized during the camp!

9. Park Adventure or Zermatt

Each other week, participants receive complimentary admission to the Park adventure in Evionnaz or/and visit Zermatt, to look at the Matterhorn mountain!

10. In the Education Business since 1979

Our organization is in the education business since 1979. We are associated with the Ardevaz group, member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools.

- Sounds great! How do you choose your teachers and counsellors?

Management and teachers are all university graduated. Counsellors are chosen among our teachers or recommended people.

Our mission is to provide FUN and some language learning in FUN as well! It is a holiday camp before all!

Come and try it yourself!

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