Christoph Schipper and Daniel Becher founders of RheinFit Sportakademie GmbH: “We have organized around 100 holiday camps for children since more than 10 years and have great experience…”


Both of us studied Sport economics at the German Sports University of Cologne and made our diploma in 2010.

We started our camp Project “Move-It Sportcamps” in 2012 and took over “Ferienfussball” in 2015 wich is offering football camps since more than 18 years. We leaded several youth camps during our studies and the idea for our own business had been rising in our diploma theses. It’s important for us to show children the opportunities of doing sports and support them in social behavior.

After finishing our studies we qualified for the EXIST founder stipendium by the German Government and European Union and received one year of supper to prepare founding the company and set up the camp programs.

- Where does your camp take place?,

Our International camp takes place at Hinsbeck close to Cologne, which is a great place for youth camps having all the needed sports facilities.

We work all year and most of our camps take place in Easter, summer and holidays.

- What language or languages do you speak in the camp?

In our international Camp the camp language is English.

- Please tell us about your program. What skills and knowledge do you give to children?

For the International Camp we train the children in different football skills like passing, dribbling, shooting and tactical moves. The most important point is having fun by learning new skills and having great time with other children from all over the world.

- If you have different programs or several different camps, please tell us about them.

We have a lots of German football and multisport camps at different places in Germany for younger and older children. Furthermore we organize Camps in England offering the combination of English holiday school and football/multisport.

The most important activities are different football training session, tournament forms and if possible friendly matches. Additional there’re several evening activities to choose from and a stadium tour to Borussia Munchengladbach and a sightseeing tour to Cologne.

- What children would like about your camp?

Our camps are for children who are interested in football and like to make new experiences in a foreign country with other children from lots of different places.

- Why should parents and children prefer your camps to all others?

We’ve a great experience in organizing and leading holiday camps for children and it’s very important for us that every child has a great time with exciting program and high qualified camp leaders.

- How do you test and choose your leaders and trainers (pedagogic staff)?

Most of our leaders are students from the German sports university in Cologne and have a license as a German football coach. All our leaders have to take part at our individual instruction days and we attach great importance to educational and pedagogical competence.

- What is your mission?

Our main goal is to offer our camp participants a great camp time by learning new skills, pedagogical competences and having lots of fun as a group.

Nearly 50% of our clients do return at the same or the following year.

We are looking forward to a great camp with players from all over the world!

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