Paola Jimenez de Armas, director of CIJARA SUMMER CAMP: “Our values are: excellence, quality, trust, safety, professionalism and personalized care.”


I am Paola Jimenez de Armas, director of CIJARA SUMMER CAMP, an organization specializing in educational leisure and Language Immersion Programs in English, French and Spanish. Although I have a degree in law from the Extremadura University, I am entitled to coordinate and conduct educational and leisure activities. The reason why I decided to dedicate myself to organizing international programs for children and young people is because I was an expeditionary on the International Journey called RUTA QUETZAL he. At the age of 17, I traveled for a month and a half in much of Spain, Peru and Ecuador along with 400 young people from 39 different countries. Another reason, no less important, is my present condition of mother of two children of 7 and 9 years old. That's why I organize, work and run the camp with the demands of a professional and the tenderness of a mother.

- Paola, your Camp is Bilingual with language inmersion program,right? What languages do the children study and speak in Cijara Summer camps?

We teach native Spanish-speakers English and French and native English-speakers Spanish in our Camp.

For us it is an exciting project and our main goal is linguistic growth for children; our intention is to infuse a real interest in mastering another language, encourage and support its development, and address the concerns with learning it, thereby assisting in losing the “fear” of expressing oneself in another language.

All classes and activities will be carried out with professionalism, educational emphasis, safety and personalized service.

The distinguishing feature of our Summer Camp is that we provide language immersion; an environment where English-speaking children coexist with Spanish-speaking children for a minimum period of two weeks or a maximum period of 1 month. A strict schedule of classes and organized intermingling during recreational activities, led by native teachers and camp counsellors, ensures that each camper is getting the full benefit of the immersion.

- Where does your Camp take place?

The program takes place in a totally secure and privileged geographical environment. In addition to the exceptional beauty of the facilities in Extremadura (South-western Spain).

- What activities do you have?

We offer a truly international experience with children from many countries!! From 8 to 16 years old. In one of our selected venues in Spain, choose from our extensive range of speciality camps offereing languages, sports, arts and leadership training. Each camper can be sure to find the ideal camp for a meningful learning, experience and an unbeatable Summer holiday.

- What is special about your camp and how it differs from other?

Remember, Cijara Camps Summer programes are not run like schools! Of course, youngsters improve their skills and achieve personal growth but do it by having a great time and enjoying all the activities that is how the learning process becomes FUN! This is the basis of your guiding mission – Education through Recreation.

As a Cijara Camper your child:

• Develop a greater sense of independence;

• Learn new life-long interests and hobbies;

• Improve skills in arts and sports;

• Interact with peers from the world over;

• Experience different cultures;

• Gather memorable souvenirs to last a lifetime;

• Study a second language;

• Experience the thrill and excitement of competition and challenge;

• Network the world through new friends;

• Understand the value of teamwork and leadership;

• Build greater self-confidence.

- What percentage of campers return each year?

70% of campers return each year.

Hightly successful and fun – the Cijara Camp?s style language programmes that campers really enjoy!

Language camps, well-structured syllabuses, upgraded learning materials and fresh, innovative methods of teaching, all designed by an impressive team of language experts. The improved results and positive feedback from families have been extremely encouraging.

- What are the safety procedures in the camp?

We are in a hostel that at night is locked, so it is not possible to go out and enter, and this building is in a farm that is also not accessible if its door is not open. The monitors, qualified and experienced in first aid, take care of the children 24 hours a day. Regarding the methods of communication with families, in addition to sending a daily email with information on all activities and with images of them, and making use of social networks continuously, we provide you with a direct emergency telephone with the coordinator of the Camp. We also have a car available 24 hours a day for emergency travel.

- How does you recruit, screen and train your staff?

Campers and counselors come from all over the world: United States, China, Russia, Germany, Spain. We are a team of qualified professionals with diverse experience in education and leisure activities. Our teachers, all of them native speakers, are certified language instructors with experience working with children and young adults and with an absolute commitment to teaching.

Our aim is not just to teach language, but for children to enjoy learning a new language through dynamic workshops and fun games.

Our staff has to overcome tough and demanding selection tests, not only in the academic field but also several personality tests.

In addition to the quality of the program, the facilities, and the work of our team, CIJARA SUMMER CAMP is a very familiar camp (there will be no more than 50 children). so we can take care of them individually and with care.

An unforgettable Summer is lived when the children are happy and have fun, learn, discover new things and make good friends. For that, in CIJARA SUMMER CAMP we have properly qualified personnel, and most importantly, they work with an absolute vocation for children.

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