Vincent Le Flohic, Headmaster of the Pontlevoy Catholic School and of the Pontlevoy Summer Camp: “Our aim is to create a network of young and open-minded girls willing to discover an other culture and to learn or improve a foreign language.”


I was vice Headmaster from 2005 to 2012 and Manager from 2012 to today.

In our school we have working about a learning strategy for our students who have about 11 to 18 years old.

I am also a philosophy teacher.

In our school, I have decided to introduce a new idea for September 2017: British school.

- Tell us please how and when did you camp or project start?

The project of the camp started one year and a half ago, we decided to give to our school a more international approach. We know that a lot of students are willing to learn French in France, we wanted to host them in our wonderful Loire Valley region and to offer them some quality activities and courses. We wanted to give to young girls the opportunity to be together and to discover new things.

This is our first summer, but we are willing to continue because it is an exciting and amazing project. We have contacts all around the world, we are working and thinking about our summer camp with people from different backgrounds. We are working hard to warmly welcome our guests from all over the world.

- Where does your camp take place?

The camp is taking place an our all-girl campus during summer in the peaceful village of Pontlevoy in the Loire Valley, between Blois and Tours, in France.

- How many places do you have?

60 places, it's a selective and family size camp.

The main language of the camp is French, but our staff speaks English, German, Spanish, Chinese, and other languages...

We are looking for enthusiastic and curious young girls between 11 and 18 willing to discover France from a different perspective and wishing to improve their language skills.

- What girls can expect from the camp program?

We will give some French classes (oral, writing, reading, civilization), we have different level classes. We want to give to our students the confidence and the pleasure that they sometimes miss. We also offer some “masterclasses” where the students will meet some native French people and learn to do things with them (a croissant with a baker, chocolate with a chocolate maker, cheese with a shepherd...).

The students will have between 20 or 24 hours of classes per week (depending on their level). During the week-end and several afternoons during the week, they will visit some of the most famous sites in the area (Chambord castle, canoe at Chenonceaux, visit of Blois or Tours, Futuroscope attraction parc). Every Tuesday we will organise a Masterclass with a French native. In the afternoon, when they stay at school, the students will have handcraft or sports activities.

Our very special and exclusive activity is a ULM-Plane Tour over the Loire castles!

- What makes your camp so special?

We are located in a peaceful village, in a closed and historical park. With us, your daugther will experience a part of France she was not considering but that she will truly enjoy for its authenticity and beauty. Our camp is on a UNESCO heritage site and your daughter will love discovering our region, our traditions and our rich gastronomy.

All our French teachers have a Master degree in teaching a foreign language, they are all experienced teachers for several years. Our leaders are responsible and mature young women with camp experiences. Our teachers are professionnal French foreign language teachers and history, philosophy, geography and litterature teachers (for the B1 to C1 levels). Our staff is well trained and is used to foreign students with different cultures and backgrounds.

Our aim is to create a network of young and open-minded girls willing to discover an other culture and to learn or improve a foreign language. We truly believe in these values and principles.

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