Pranima Portugal - Finding Neverland

Portugal, Rua da Assunção nº 42 sala 18 3º Andar 1100-044 Lisboa


We believe in holiday camp where the mountain, the countryside and the cities will be a success for this fantastic adventure. This is more a program of "Conquest of Europe": Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Austria. Will be 19 days of adventures and unforgettable stories to all the participants. The stories do not repeat what makes this cologne a unique event in your next summer. The project aims to familiarise participants with European cities, its culture, history and art, and to develop in them a spirit of European culture. In the fields of holiday international Pranima we do not visit towns on a regular registry tourist. Each city is discovered through a set of games, puzzles which also allow the development of abilities social. Develop language skills through the interaction with the local people, with the passage and discoveries of the places most emblematic of each city and discovering the small secrets of each one of them. All of this is based on the 3 pillars of orientation of the Pranima: Animation, planning and security. Goes up to where your imagination takes you, and find... ;)

Language:  English;

Type:  Excursions; Teenager; Travel;

Accommodation:  Hostel;

Country:  Portugal;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Meal:  4 meals;

Age:  from 0 -21 ;

Price:  from 1670 euro/19 days;

Company name:  Pranima Portugal

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