Space Camp Turkey

Turkey, Gaziemir, Izmir


As a space and science education center, Space Camp Turkey is primarily focused on motivating young people from around the world to pursue careers in science, math, and technology. Through interactive, space-related simulations, both youth and adults learn about communication, teamwork, and leadership in a dynamic, fun-filled environment.

Education and entertainment center Space Camp Turkey, which was opened on June 12, 2000 has been visited by more than 200 thousand young people and adults from over 60 countries. Our state-of-the-art facility offers an ideal environment where young people from different nations can come together and make long-term friendships and understand other cultures.

The Galactic Summer Camp program is taught in English and Turkish for native and non-native speaking participants:

- Use of all the astronaut simulators (*)
- Virtual Reality Adventure with the Hurricane 360 VR Simulator
- 3 dimension space adventure with the Riot 3D Ride Simulator
- Construct and launch a single-stage model rocket
- Mars colony design and presentation
- Explore the solar system with 360 degree viewing experience through Magic Planet
- Compete as a team during our “Astronaut Challenge” activity
- The introduction of space suits
- Observe planets, stars and other objects in the night sky with a 12-inch telescope
- Studying constellations and their positions in the sky with our Planetarium
- Virtual Mars Simulator “Mars Explorers”
- Activities that are aimed at improving problem solving, time management, and teamwork skills

(*)Campers must be at least 4 feet (120 cm) tall and weigh no more than 210 pounds (95 kg) to ride the simulators.

We also offer customized programs throughout the year for school groups that are looking for an action-packed program which is popular among middle school students. Our Customized Outer Space Adventure (COSA) Program can include extra features such as a city tour around the beautiful coastal city of Izmir and a daily trip to Ephesus, the world`s largest outdoor museum where the Greeks and Romans once lived!  The age requirement for our COSA program is 9-18.

Meal:  3 meals;

Type:  Academic; Robotics; Teenager;

Seasons:  All seasons;

Language:  English; Turkish;

Country:  Turkey;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 730 $/6 days (Turkish); from 800 $/6 days (English);

Age:  from 9 -15 ;

Company name:  Space Camp Turkey

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