Sportkampen van Sportivun

Baarnsche Dijk 6B1, 3741 LR Baarn, The Netherlands


Sportkampen van Sportivun - The most sporting camps in the Netherlands!

Sportivun organises various types of sports camps. There are football camps, tennis camps, atletics camp and multi-sport camps, where the focus is on getting better in one particular sport. Do you like football and tennis? Then you can also choose to go to a combination camp. Half the time you get even better at football and the other half we work on improving your tennis skills!

Don't you want to choose between the different sports? Then join us on one of our multi-sport day camps or multi-sport camps. You practice all kinds of sports that you may not know yet and you can find out which sport really suits you! The multi-sport day camps take place in sports halls near you. Multi-sport camps are organized in Baarn and Soest and distinguish themselves from multi-sport day camps, by staying asleep on the camp site. How cool is that? Get acquainted with all the sports, but not just spend a whole week? Then come to one of the multi-sport days of Sportivun!

In the spring break, may break, summer break, autumn break and Christmas break, Sportivun sports camps take place! Which sport, age group and holiday do you choose for an unforgettable experience!?

Seasons:  All seasons;

Type:  City; Football; Sport; Teenager; Tennis;

Accommodation:  Day camp; Overnight camp;

Language:  Dutch; English;

Country:  Netherlands;

Meal:  No meal;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp, family-provided;

Price:  Please check with the camp;

Age:  from 4 -16 ;

Company name:  Sportkampen van Sportivun