In Azerbaijan, an interest in table tennis originated in the 39-40's. After the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945 city) in many institutions, organizations, factories were set up sections, table tennis and the sport began to develop gradually.

In the early 50's, was organized by the Baku section of table tennis, then Table Tennis Federation of the Republic. Since that time, began to regularly conduct various competitions in this sport. The first champions of Baku were Lazorkin B. and R. Yashagin. Azerbaijani sportsmen have started to participate in many international competitions and achieved great success.

We offer your kids during the Camp:

  • Every day Training;
  • Full training program recordings of games and training’s;
  • Tours to Forest and sightseen places.

Enjoy and Train!

Accommodation:  2 persones per room;

Meal:  3 meals;

Language:  Arabic; English; German; Spanish;

Seasons:  Autumn season; Spring season; Summer season;

Country:  Azerbaijan;

Type:  Horse; Sport; Tennis;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  Please check with the camp;

Age:  from 6 -16 ;

Company name:  Table Tennis Camp

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