Kids’ Drop-Off

Spain, Andalucia, Marbella


At the Multisports Club, we help young people discover their talents, interest and values in a unique setting that gives them a sense of community of their own.

Our focus is to offer activities in a social environment and to encourage all children to participate in our organised games and sport. They are expected to help and respect one another, learn to win and lose gracefully and to remember that sport and play should be fun!

Seasons:  Autumn season; Spring season; Summer season; Winter season;

Type:  City; Sport;

Accommodation:  Day camp;

Language:  English; Spanish;

Meal:  Family-provided;

Country:  Spain;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp, family-provided;

Price:  1 hour - 10 euro, 5 hours - 26 euro;

Age:  from 4 -12 ;

Company name:  Kids’ Drop-Off