Why would a kid go to Сamp?


We asked parents about reasons for kids to go to Camp - this is adult assessment: what do they think/expect from the Camps holidays.

Rest in the Camp can be great or can turn into a real disappointment. A change of scenery, new people and a sense of anxiety — all this can overtake... parents.

Sometimes it's harder for moms and dads to get over a holiday break than it is for kids!

  • What if he freezes over?
  • What if he eats nothing and goes hungry?
  • With him, perhaps, no one plays…

Worrying thoughts that their kid in the Camp feels bad driving some parents crazy. And they may eager to take their favorite child home.

Before making impulsive decisions, think — is there any reason to suspect that something terrible will happen in the Camp? Children are supervised by professionals, and their health is under the constant supervision of medical workers. Stay hungry at three-session nutrition — also no easy task. Before the Camp, talk to the child and teach him to talk about their problems to educators — this will help to avoid a lot of trouble.

  • He/she doesn't call...

You specifically give the child telephone, so he/she could call at any time. Suddenly, it will be hard and he/she will want to complain — you think. He/she doesn't. On your calls, he/she either does not answer or quickly hangs up: “Mom, I have no time, in the evening I will call you back.”

If the child does not call, the explanation is one — he/she really has no time. He/she is busy with friends, studies, sport, activities, games... Every day something new happening! The Camp schedule is usually so intense that there is no time to be bored at all. If your child will need something - he/she will call you surely! and will also share emotions and news with you, only not now, but after return from the Camp!

  • We miss him home...

The child went to the Camp and you feel so lonly and sad... You do not find a place, constantly think about it. So, parents, you have time for yourself. Maybe you have already forgotten about it — because free time is left only in the memories of youth. While the children relax with friends, you have the opportunity to do what you have long wanted, but did not find time. While the child is resting in the camp - you can relax.

Camp holidays is a great opportunity for parents and their children. Will the result be a horror or joy depends on ourselves. Get pleasure yourself and give the opportunity to the child.

Have a good holiday!

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