The idea behind the Excellencia French Summer Camp is to allow your child is to discover the world with a fresh pair of eyes, to explore the many ways of learning and to discover more about themselves in a close family environment; safe and friendly. What makes our immersive French summer camps top of the range is our unique campus. Our 5 hectare tree-lined campus provides an authentic green space to give your child the freedom to explore and to learn in the perfect conditions.

- Quality accommodation: Spacious rooms with separate buildings for girls and boys.

- High security: 5 hectares of land monitored by CCTV and access to all buildings by electronic badge.

- Varied and balanced meals all prepared on site, respecting the dietary requirements of each individual.

- Sports facilities allowing the your child to practise around 20 different sports activities such as swimming, golf, badminton, baseball etc…

One week at the French Summer Camp is composed of 15 hours of lessons as well as outgoings to Paris and neighbouring towns such as Reims and Epernay. Our teaching approach for the learning or improving of French relies heavily on the organisation of sports, cultural and arts activities. Learning a language is more than just acquiring the 4 linguistic competences (reading, writing, speaking and listening). Communication is a symphony of these skills plus many more such as gestures and cultural references.

By learning French in immersion through lessons, activities and outings you uncover the soul of the language. Not just its practicalities, but also its fun, poetic, aesthetic and didactic aspects too…

Meal:  3 meals;

Type:  Academic; Excursions; Language; Sport; Teenager;

Language:  English; French;

Country:  France;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Accommodation:  2-4 persons per room;

Safety:  Private campus 24 / 7 security service;

Price:  from 1400 euro/week; from 2350 euro/2 weeks; from 3300 euro/ 3 weeks;

Age:  from 9 -16 ;

Company name:  Excellencia Collège Lycée international avec internat permanent