French Language Holidays

France, Saint-Raphaël


The aim of this course is to offer children (boys and girls) the opportunity to spend a linguistic vacation in a pleasant environment on the Riviera. At an early age, the child will get a good start in his/her life learning basic French while spending an enjoyable and enriching holiday in the same school and same town, together with their parents.

Depending on levels in French and ages, the children will be divided into the below three subgroups:

1. Children under 6 years: who do not read or write yet. Emphasis on workshops with max 5 -6 kids

- Artistic workshops: painting, sculpture, collage ..... to learn vocabulary

- Game workshops : dominoes, snakes and ladders, 7 families etc ..... to acquire automation language

- Round, rhymes, role play, songs .... to speak French while having fun

- All these varied activities never last more than 20 minutes

2. Children between 7 and 9 years: who can already read and write .. A more classical program including the above workshops + study visits in town in stores, library , markets, cafe terraces, Cultural Center with Cyber media library, Town Hall, et.c ....Both oral and written exercises.

3. Children, 9 to 12 years, advanced in French: a now phenomenon that we have been witnessing more and more in recent years. Boys and girls from English schools in Canada, the States, Mexico or other native schools in Europe,

attending an accelerated program in French and who enroll in our summer program in France, to practice and improve their oral skills ...

80 - 90 % of the time in classes, will be devoted to spoken French on many various subjects

Type:  Academic; City; Family; Language; Sea;

Accommodation:  Day camp;

Language:  English; French;

Meal:  Family-provided;

Country:  France;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp, family-provided;

Price:  from 590 euro/2 weeks; from 790 euro/3 weeks; from 990 euro/4 weeks;

Age:  from 6 -12 ;

Company name:  French Language Holidays