Palanga, Lithuania


First of all, we encourage our learners to speak in small groups and they feel more relaxed than during eye-to-eye tutorials. Secondly, our learners take part in different entertaining activities: they play, sing, make things with their hands, act and go treasure-hunting. They have to speak English all the time! Thirdly, we have classes outdoors in a picturesque place in the open air, which is really good both for one’s health and mental activities. The nature is wonderful with beautiful pine-trees, nice sand and the stunning sea. Oh flying kids have already become the legend of Palanga Forest-between- the- Worlds, and they are approaching the sea!

Type:  City; Family; Language;

Accommodation:  Day camp;

Language:  English; Russian;

Meal:  Family-provided;

Country:  Lithuania;

Seasons:  Summer season;

Safety:  Supervision during Day camp, family-provided;

Age:  from 0 -99 ;

Price:  from 350 euro/2 weeks Day camp;

Company name:  Narnia

Interview with the director

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